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Reporter Looking for Sources for Breast Cancer Article
 its_cancer - (maggie_kb)
01:18pm 29/08/2008
My name is Maggie Koerth-Baker. I'm a journalist working with MSN.com on an article about breast cancer, specifically focusing on women who've chosen to get tested for the breast cancer genes, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

I'd like to speak with women who've had these tests done, turned up positive, and then had to decide what they were going to do with that information. I'm interested in talking with women who chose to get a mastectomy and those to specifically decided against that option.

For this article, you wouldn't have to have your full name in print. You would have to provide that information to my editor, so she could have it on file in case someone questioned whether or not you were real. But, if it's what you're more comfortable with, we can use just your first name or an alias in the actual article.

If you're interested in being interviewed, please let me know. You can reach me here or at my email: maggie (dot) koerth (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!
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(no subject)
 its_cancer - (leaveitalone)
03:24pm 13/08/2008
Chrissy posting in It's Cancer
Hey everyone. Welcome to the Community!

Well here's my story.
I'm Chrissy I'm 23 from Australia
My Nanna (Dad's mum) was diagnosed with bowel cancer about 6 months ago, it had been there for a while and treatment didn't work. She died not quite a month ago and I miss her tonnes. Our family is all really close.
Now only 2 weeks ago, my dad went in for some testing and the doctor found a 20cm tumour in his bowel. They said it looks like it's been there for quite a long time and the cancer has spread to his lymph glands and further, but they can't tell how far yet.
He's having a 3 hour surgery on monday morning to remove the tumour, then they'll be running tests to see how far the cancer has spread, then sending him to a hospital 5 hours away for Chemo.

He's already been told that they can give him longer, but there's very little chance that they'll be able to get rid of it.
At the moment, he's really OK with it. He said he's not really surprised, he's known there was something wrong for a long time and he's never been afraid to die. Infact he always predicted that he'd die around the age of 55, (He's just turned 58.)

My dad has always been my hero. He's one of my best friends in the whole world. And I'm not OK with that at all. People keep telling me to take it easy and don't stress because I'm pregnant and I'm having enough problems with that not going smoothly, but screw them. I'm allowed to be upset.

Anyway, that's all from me for now.
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